What are Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook Lead Ads is an advertising product produced by Facebook, and the strongest Facebook lead generation tool, which presents online users with an advert that generates a pop-up form when the call-to-action button is selected.

The form contains fields, of the advertiser’s choosing, that the user can fill in – and then that information is sent directly back to the advertiser.

The forms can be populated with fields to attain client contact information, multiple-choice or free-form fill questions.


What are the benefits of using a Lead Ad form?

It is estimated that advertisers can see a whopping 50% reduction in cost per lead from a Facebook Lead Ads campaign compared to the CPL from a generic Facebook campaign which directs users to a lead form on a separate landing page.

Filling in forms on mobile devices is both tricky and a bit of a pain. Facebook Lead Ads offers form completion for advertisers and Facebookers within the app, meaning they don’t have to click off-page and go elsewhere. It’s both quick and convenient way for advertisers to generate lead and prospect information which is then integrated into your chosen CRM system.

Furthermore, because advertisers can tailor the form, they can uncover specific information from leads that they can then use to nurture them down the consumer journey funnel. By customising your forms to uncover the most important information first, advertisers can generate higher-quality leads that are more likely to become conversions. So, if you have a high AOV or are a considered purchase, this is a great way to nudge potential customers further along their consumer journey to becoming conversions. It’s the ultimate tactic for lead nurturing and generation.

Lead Ads reduce lead drop-off as well. Due to auto-fill capabilities, they do most of the work for the prospect.


Customising Your Facebook Lead Ad Form

Facebook Lead Ads allow businesses to tailor, personalise and customise the following sections of the lead ad form:

  • Introduction – provides prospects with more detailed information about your business, product, service and/or form.
  • Questions – you can determine which contact or demographic information you want from your leads and you can also add your own tailor-made customised questions to help you qualify new leads.
  • Privacy Policy – due to GDPR, you have to have a privacy policy in place which you can link to from the form. This protects both you and your leads.
  • Thank You Page – after form completion, the lead is presented with a thank you page which you can customise accordingly.

The form is very short and quick for online Facebook users to complete – meaning it’s a fantastic way to generate leads in a busy, competitive climate.


Facebook Lead Ads and Custom Calls-To-Action

Facebook Lead Ads, and Facebook lead generation tools allow advertisers to choose which call-to-action button they’d like to use to compel leads to fill in their form. Options include;

  • Shop Now
  • Learn More
  • Book Now
  • Subscribe
  • Get Quote
  • Apply Now
  • Install Now
  • Download
  • Get Offer
  • Donate
  • And many more.  

You should choose the call-to-action button that is most aligned with your campaign goal. What do you want Facebook users to do, and what will lead them down your consumer journey funnel?


Using targeting on your Facebook Lead Ads campaign

Facebook Lead Ad campaigns enable advertisers to target online users based on their demographics, interests and behaviours. This means that businesses can easily reach their target audience segments – the people they want to, or are most likely to, convert into their customers.

By using specific targeting capabilities to reach your target audience, you are using your marketing budget more effectively and only reaching online users who are going to be interested in what you are advertising. You can also use behavioural data acquired from previous marketing campaigns and apply it to your existing advertising campaign to find suitable leads.


Who are Facebook Lead Ads best for?

Any business wanting to drive and encourage high-quality leads and reach a new audience of prospects and potential customers! If you have an AOV of over £100, this is a solution we would recommend as you’ll see a return on investment.

We work with clients across a varied and wide range of industries in executing effective Facebook Lead Ad campaigns.


CRM for Facebook Leads

You can integrate your Facebook Leads campaign into a multitude of customer relationship management systems, and you can also manage them within Facebook Ads business centre and export them if you wish.

At LOCALiQ, we use our highly functional Client Centre for Facebook lead management.

LOCALiQ is a Facebook Marketing Partner, recognised for their ability to drive exceptional advertising results from Facebook for small business clients. For more information on our bespoke Facebook Lead Ads marketing solution and Client Centre integration, get in touch with one of our social media marketing specialists today.

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