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Dunfermline is a large town in Fife, with a very rich royal and monastic history.

Formerly the capital of Scotland, historical attractions include Dunfermline’s 12th Century abbey, the 15th Century Abbot House, St. Margaret’s cave and a royal palace.

In and around Dunfermline are plenty of wonderful countryside and green areas to be explored, such as Pittencrieff Park, Calais Muir Wood and Townhill Country Park.

Dunfermline Abbey is the final resting place of King Robert the Bruce as well as eleven other Scottish Queens and Kings, and the town is also the birthplace of world-famous philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie.

Dunfermline also has a vibrant live music scene and plenty of theatre to enjoy.

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What does your business look like online?

Our LOCALiQ Grader tool analyses your business across every digital platform it appears on, enabling you to have full visibility into your online performance – you may be surprised by the insights Grader will generate! Our innovative tool is unique to our digital marketing agency, and was built by exceptionally clever people using the most cutting-edge technologies. LOCALiQ Grader is completely free, and it will generate you an in-depth report detailing where your digital marketing imminently needs improvement and strategising.

Within your business analysis, we will analyse, inspect and grade your website, social media accounts, online business listings, online directories, e-commerce and much more, to give you an overall digital score. Our specialist marketing experts will then be able to advise you on the best steps to take to optimise your business’ digital performance.

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    Boost your business with our awareness driven marketing solutions which drive social media growth, optimise your online presence and encourage online leads.

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    Build your Presence
  • Drive Leads and Awareness

    Drive and nurture high-quality, engaged leads with our strategic optimisation techniques and our innovative, targeted digital solutions.

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    Drive Leads and Awareness
  • Get Results with Technology and Insights

    All marketing campaigns need articulate, accurate tracking in order to curate data-driven strategies and solutions and optimise your digital marketing further. Our Client Centre provides all of the analytics our clientele need to understand the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns.

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    Get Results with Technology and Insights
  • Grow your Audience and Connect

    Our social media strategies are tailored to your business to grow your online profiles and build a large online following that converts.

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    Grow your Audience and Connect

LOCALiQ Client Centre provides businesses with a functional CRM and 24/7 campaign analytics.

Giving our clients access to their real-time results 24/7, we provide full visibility and transparency to our marketing campaigns for businesses, making us all the more customer-centric. Your results are always accessible, an advantage we believe all businesses should receive as part of any digital marketing service.

Furthermore, Client Centre is an agile, instant tool for lead nurture. The centre allows you to follow up leads automatically, nurture potential customers, and convert your leads into sales. No more fumbling through forgotten emails and locating lost leads – your leads are all in one place within our Client Centre.

LOCALiQ Dunfermline
LOCALiQ Dunfermline

Reach new customers in Scotland and beyond.

Our long-standing, reputable news-brands compliment our extensive digital marketing agency offerings.

Founded in 1859, Dunfermline Press and West of Fife Advertiser is a weekly newspaper, covering Dunfermline and the surrounding areas. Our historic, long-established and reputable newspaper features high-quality journalism and local news, and is a solid part of Dunfermline’s community, with a loyal online readership which continues to grow. Many years have passed since the newspaper was first printed, yet it continues to thrive in the digital age. We are now a successful, dynamic and expanding digital marketing agency serving Dumferline, Scotland, and the rest of the U.K.

LOCALiQ Dunfermline Press

A loyal, local marketing partner who operates on a large scale.

We are proud to be part of Dunfermline and are even prouder to have fantastic relationships with businesses in our local community.

We have worked with many businesses over the years to execute effective advertising and marketing campaigns, so we understand their struggles and challenges, and we support and encourage them, whilst cheering for their successes.

If you would like to work with us, we would love to partner with you and help you grow your business without breaking the bank.

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Reboot your digital marketing.

Whether you want more footfall, increased web traffic, a large social media presence or measurable conversions, as a digital marketing agency we align your goals with the right marketing solution for your business. Using extensive data, industry insights and digital marketing expertise, we will take your business to the next level and achieve actionable goals. There are entire audiences out there waiting to be discovered, and they could be your next customers.

We partner with the best in the industry, giving your digital marketing campaigns the edge.

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